My fiancé travelled to New York last night to see his all time faves, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and whilst he was there, he called me for a few of the songs, he also took a video of Face Down, this song just means so much to me it’s crazy! HOWEVER, this video captures that amazing moment where RJA’s very own Ronnie Winter brought his friends on stage along with the platinum plaques for “Don’t You Fake It” however, if you listen real carefully, you’ll hear Ronnie saying “we’re missing one? I’m still missing one, Matt? Matt Ranberg, Where are you?” And my baby gets all fanboy for a moment “Did he just say my name?! I think he just said my name!” Yes Matty, he said you’re name baby!

If THIS wasn’t enough? Matt called me when Your Guardian Angel was starting! This is going to be our first dance song. It’s just everything to me. Not only did he call me, but he jumped on FaceTime and started to sing along with it! I am so in love with this guy! So here’s Face Down! Enjoy it!