A few months ago I stumbled across an obsession, one that has completely changed my way of doing make up. I wouldn’t say I was amazing, I’m sure there is so much more I could learn. I don’t contour, I do limited amount of blending on my eyeshadow, I don’t do my eyebrows – I wouldn’t even know how to do those eyebrows however mine are completely blonde so I fill in with pencil. My eyelashes  are near on always fake eyelashes and I cannot do eyeliner even if it was to save my life. This time last year I was literally a plain Jane, so for me to write up a review on a make up product is a huge deal!

A few months ago Matt brought me my first ever matte lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics. I have read up so many horror stories of people ordering and not receiving the product so I was really worried that this would happen to me, however two weeks after Matt purchasing the lipstick it indeed showed up! I was over the moon, I got my face all ready, hair all ready so that if I took any selfies of my new lipstick I’d at least feel confident and I did! Now, 5 more lipsticks later, Matt surprises me again with a gorgeous bright but deep red, Mary Jo K.

I recieved this again in under 2 weeks, because I live in the UK I have to pay customs charges which I don’t even mind! I’m so obsessed with her brand that I will pay anything to get the real thing and not some imitations.

This has got to be the most gorgeous red I have ever seen, again, the formula she uses is so silky and smooth, there’s no bumps and it smells amazing! I didn’t think a lipstick could smell so good! I love the texture it gives of, along with the liner.  Since using her lipsticks, my lips don’t dry out that often anymore, her lipkits contain a moisturiser so it keeps the lips healthy!

What I adore the most is that this is a liquid lipstick, the brush applicator is really soft unlike some lip glosses that have the same sort of style can be a bit hard or barely keep the product on the brush. The lip liner comes with it, which you CAN sharpen in any type of sharpener.

The best thing about this is the quality of the product! When I say it lasts til the morning the next day, I mean that! You can browse my Instagram: @iamrioxo to view all the photos/swatches of all the lipkits I own. You’ll also see the 48 test I performed on the ones I already had. These lipsticks really do stay on! Obviously if you eat any oil based foods then it will rub off so maybe take it with you for a quick touch up in the bathroom after eating. However most of the time it stays on!

I do fully recommended her products, as I see she really does put a lot of care into them. You can only by them from her website: KylieCosmetics.com – it will say “Sold Out” because she only has them in stock when she restocks.

The matte lipkits, which is the lipsticks AND the liner are $29 each – you can’t buy the liner separately – so far there is 10 shades in this collection,  the Metal lipsticks are $18 each- so far there is 4 shades in this collection and her glosses are $15 each – so far there is 3 shades in this collection.

To find out about her restocks is either via Twitter: @kyliecosmetics or through her app “Kylie” which I know is available in the App Store, I’m not sure if it’s on android.