I’m not going to write a post on how I believe you should be voting today in the Brexit. However I’m keeping this short and sweet.

Over the past few months, my country has been going through a lot and today we get to vote whether we stay or leave the European Union. I’ll be honest, I went from wanting to stay, to wanting to leave, to making my vote today.

No vote is the wrong vote, you vote for YOU and what YOU think is the right thing for this country and its future. Whilst both campaigns have been a mess – the leave campaign haven’t given a full proof plan of  what is going to happen when we leave. There is no plan of action and a lot of what ifs! But the same for the stay campaign. We know the outcome would mean we couldn’t renegotiate any deals – however it’s a safer option as we have been living this way for a good few years.

I have chosen to remain. I don’t like my government, it doesn’t matter who I seem to vote for, everyone isn’t amazing. It doesn’t matter who is controlling our country however I’m certainly not letting the people that we DO have, gain FULL control. There is already so much wrong with our government – however at least we are protected by the EU.

I’m also a firm believer for the freedom of movement, I have a lot of wonderful friends who are from abroad, and the thought of them having to spend £200+ on visas for an hour flight JUST to attend University or visit their family at home whilst they are trying to get a better education for themselves.

There are other reasons why I voted to remain. However I don’t want to make this into a campaign on how to vote. Just PLEASE make your vote count! Please if you are registered to vote, to walk down and take a pen! It’s easy to rub out pencil than it is pen. Just please vote. ANY and EVERY vote counts! It’s an important day for your future, your children’s future.