There comes a time in a your life where you have to dig deep into that childhood memory of your dream wedding. Dig your toes back into the sand that you wish you’d walk upon on your honeymoon in the hottest most secluded island you could have found, smell all the flowers you had either eliminated or chose for all those arrangements in array of colours and scents, soak your hands into your hair designs that you set aside for that momentous look, letting your eyes get lost in the wonders of all these different dresses, suits, shoes, wedding dresses, those that make you look like a princess, whilst letting your mind go fuzzy with all the colours you could possibly choose your theme to be, do you even do a themed wedding, letting superheroes run wild trying to chase and rescue the Damsal in distress that you secretly pretend to be.

Weddings are meant to be happy, joyful, a ceremony of unitity between two loving souls finally coming together after finding one another to become whole. A place where all the family come together, where you get awfully embarrassed at that uncle that can’t help but get drunk and maybe grab a bum or two, or that auntie that can’t help but tell those embarrassing stories of when you were five years old, it even brings together that side of the family that doesn’t quite like that side of the family. What’s a wedding without drama? Or those wedding jitters, where you’re standing in your dress/suit panicking that she/he isn’t going to like you anymore, and what on earth are you doing. It’s nateual to have all these thoughts, marriage is a huge deal for anyone to get into, do not get into it lightly.

As a typical female, I am sat here thinking to myself why a wedding, why can’t you just say an oath and that is legal, why does it have to cost the entire world for something so simple, saying I do to the love of your life. Why do I need to pick out a theme, colour scheme, flowers, a venue. Do I want to say I do in a church, in a hotel, on a beach, in my back garden? Why can’t we just run away to the nearest drive thru chapels because does it really matter about an audience? If we love each other and God is with us where ever we go surely that’s enough?

It will never be enough, because secretly I am sat here wanting that dress, wanting that colour scheme, wanting the flowers and the pretty hair, the fake tan, the make up, the eyelashes, the fake nails, the first dance, that first kiss as husband and wife.

That exact reference “husband and wife” (for some people it’s wife/wife husband/husband) but for me, right now, going home to my husband, my everything is exactly why I want that wedding. To show everyone that this is the man I want. This is the man that builds me up each and every day into the woman that I have become. He will also be the father to my children. The best father in the whole wide world. I get to stand in front of everyone, and show my promises, tell my promises, to him and everyone, on how much I plan to love him, how much I plan to make sure he is happy every single day, because that’s what a husband and wife is. A team. Where you stand side by side, together as one. You are complete. When he is feeling down, you give him a kiss and you bring him right back up. He supports you, you support him. You don’t ever leave your King behind, together you can achieve anything, together you can build an empire. You will be best friends for an eternity, lovers for a life time. The trust, honour, respect and commitment will see you through your darkest hours.

I for one, cannot wait to wedding plan with my beautiful husband to be and my maid of honour. Not only will I be counting down the days for one I can move, but also to when I get to be his wife. Thank you Matthew, for choosing me. I love you with all my heart.

Oh, and the reason why I chose this title, is because our darling daughter asked if she could be a princess too and wear a princess dress just like mummy.