Do you ever get excited about an event that happens and you physically can’t sleep, or eat and everytime you think about it your world becomes a fuzzy ball of excitement? Like the night before Christmas Eve when you’re just so excited for all the food and family time that’s about to happen, gaining that winter body full of soda, wine, chocolate and of course, turkey or even The hours that are leading up to your birthday, and you’re waiting to see who would be that person that sends you a message at midnight, knowing that you are loved and thought about.

For me, my excitement right now is because my fiancé leaves in so many hours to bots a plane that will take him right into London tomorrow morning and all I can think about is what I need to do, I need to prepare myself, I need to have a huge crash course with my bathroom and make sure my outfit is exactly what I want him to see me in. Trying to look amazing, whilst having the nerves that I had when we first ever done this visit. I keep thinking he’s not going to like me, he’s spending more time with me, he’s going to regret proposing to me. He’s going to regret everything.

I leave around eight thirty GMT tonight, to head for my coach that is leaving at nine fifty five tonight, I am beyond nervous, I just don’t understand why I put myself through this, I’m even starting to think I dyed my hair the wrong colour, panicking on all levels. I need to remember to shave my legs, remember to spray before I leave and take it with me, remember to pack my portable charger and leads, remember to take my old phone so I can listen to music to preserve my iPhone losing its battery. Remembering to track Matt’s flight until the moment he lands, not to mention take make up wipes and extra make up just in case!

This blog post is just word vom. I can’t even string two sentences together to make it a least readable because all I want for right now, is time to hurry up and not go slowly, till eight thirty comes around so I can just start leaving and allow the excitement to build up more and more and more….

The one time the can be on our side…..

and yes, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter and Facebook will be flooded with photo updates!