I used to watch love actually on a regular basis. There was always something about the opening title scenes that used to amaze me – and always got me crying every single time I watched it! I couldn’t help but think there is so much love in the world, healthy love. True love, kind love. I always wanted to know what it would feel like waiting inside an airport for your loved ones to walk through those arrival doors. How would you greet one another? Would you run after them? Just stand there and act like nothing was happening? – this is basically what I done. My body was riddled with nerves, and I shouldn’t be worried, I’ve seen him before and he loves me, he loves me enough to ask me to marry him however I’m still questioning it.

I always arrive at the airport early, because no other coach gets me there in time to meet him and then be able to leave for a reasonable time. I always never sleep, although I got three hours, it’s pretty much a sleep for twenty minutes, wake up, sleep for fifty minutes, wake up kind of deal plus, there’s no way I can even sleep at the airport. There isn’t even a space to sleep! So I watch the families reunite, I watch loved ones reunite. I like seeing how happy they are, with their faces lighting up whilst counting down the hours until it’s my face that is lighting up.

Then it happens, Matthew walks through those doors, which I never see him do because my nerves are too much by this point so I end up playing a game on my phone to distract me, and in the off chance I look up and he’s there, standing right there, looking at me, and my whole body just flutters away, the happiness that is running through my veins is in overload. Having him in my arms is everything.

So here we are, day six of eleven days he is spending here and it’s been incredible, it’s making me so excited to live with this man. I literally cannot wait for our future. The kids are loving every minute of it, they are falling asleep on him, calling him daddy, being able to play with a male figure in their lives has been incredible. We spent Sunday at the beach – which was perfect! Even woke up at two am to FaceTime his mumma so we can watch the 4th July fireworks – despite the poor connection – they looked incredible! Excitement to see them for real is high right now! I’m currently typing this whilst Matthew is fast asleep, snorring with his fresh sun red skin on his face. Today – we are spending it in doors as I’ve brought Matthew a basketball and it’s being delivered, so that when it comes we can go to the park that has a hoop and we can watch Matt “shoot some hoops.”

plus – the selfies will continue!