I am one of those people who completely prefers a fully working computer or laptop to type or just do general browsing. I think it could be a childhood thing, growing up my Nan taught me to touch type, she always said “If you can type, you can have any job in the world. If you have basic knowledge of Office, you will never be stuck for job options.” I really admired this piece of advice, purely because I’d always dream big. I’d float between a teacher, a famous blogger or a journalist. I always liked the option of being a teacher, I adore children and I feel at such a young age you can really teach them something and watch them absorb it like a sponge. I’ve always found my best memories where from my childhood, especially around the school period of my life. I can always remember what I was learning, who was my teacher, who was my friends at the time and what school trips i went on in order to learn about the ways of the world. Not to mention that residential trip when you’re in the last year of junior school. Mine was all about team building and watching nature. I will always remember that trip the most, as it was my first week away from my parents and no family. Although I think that was when I realised that being in a room full of girls wasn’t the coolest on the planet.. which is probably why I failed so badly in an all girls private school. None the less, I really enjoyed learning new things, especially things that were really intriguing. Things that you wouldn’t be taught in school completely had me captured in awe, that’s when I decided to question politics and made a firm decision that I really didn’t like George W Bush or Tony Blair. This exact reason was why I wanted to be a journalist, if my whole teaching career idea went sour.

There’s just something about writing that fills me with joy. Anyone could write anything, however they wanted and it would be an inner expression of that person. Their style of writing, how they’d like the world to perceive them. Some even take on a completely different alias. I’m not sure if I would ever use my full name if I did become a journalist – I guess it would be nice to have that first publication in a magazine or a newspaper with your name on it. The only thing that really bugged me the most about this career, was the amount of journalists that would just write stories with no true basis – that would cause such a stir amongst the public, along with hurting those that the story implicates them.
I mean, it’s never nice to go online, or pick up the newspaper from your doorstep one morning and just find an article written about you to be completely false – just because you were at some place new with a friend and now the whole world thinks you’re having an affair or even when the media takes advantage of the written word to scare people or misinform them on certain topics that affect their day to day routine.
For example, making everyone believe that Islam is a violent religion. Not a single journalist that writes for these big media companies have even looked into the Quran, which clearly states that their religion is against murder and any form of violence. However the media uses the attacks of terrorists and paints an ugly picture of the religion which then leads to misinformed citizens making harsh judgements towards Muslims and their culture. This needs to stop. I think this is why I always backtracked my idea to ever be a journalist because I know deep down inside I could never settle for such a well high paid job to literally write false information and scare monger the general public into believing what was said therefor leaving the public completely uneducated because no one will listen to every day people who know otherwise, because if it’s printed in the newspaper it’s the truth right?

The idea of being a famous writer/blogger/youtuber happened years ago and years ago. It was something I always had at the back of my mind as I used to write alot of stories, even sometimes song lyrics. There was always something that draw me to this type of lifestyle, I’m not even sure why. I think it was a time when I was so involved with music, I had a huge love for rock music and would always buy the magazine Kerrang, and I used to get so envious of the people that got to sit down and write an article on the recent band that was doing well, or bands that had been around for some time, or a new and up coming band, chilling out back stage at festivals, writing reviews on the new albums/singles before they even hit the store, getting tickets to some of the best tours going, that always appealed to me. The music scene is something I am extremely passionate for. I feel sometimes it takes over my life, I have to listen to a certain song at least once a day or I end up with withdrawal symptoms which is crazy! Music is my drug. It’s on 80% of the time when I’m at home, out and about or even falling asleep. I always had this dream that I could write for the Rolling Stone. Like how amazing would that be? Maybe it’s something I could potentially look at for my future, take a few writing courses just to brush up on the styles and some techniques that I am lacking on due to not having much writing experience in that department, however, all these jobs/career choices that I wanted, that I dreamt about, all revert back to what my Nan would say, “If you can type, you can do any job.”

Which leads me here, typing, using my brand new laptop that my Fiancé Matthew brought for me due to my birthday being next week and I tell you this much, I have missed being able type using a full keyboard, feeling the keys softly input and appear on my screen. Yes, I am one of these people where all I have to do is watch my screen and type away not watching where my fingers are hitting because my Nan taught me that valuable touch typing skill. I go into complete boss mode, being able to multitask, listening to music and just focusing on whatever it is I plan to write without getting upset that my screen orientation keeps turning, that my phone isn’t compatible with whatever website I’m using. I’m strictly old fashioned. Nothing beats a computer ever. Whilst its not a Mac Book Pro, It is everything I wanted and dreamed I could have in a laptop that fills my little heart with happiness that once again, I can wear my glasses, throw my hair up in the messiest of messy buns, don on those sweat pants and over size hoodie and type away with not have a care in the world.