This month has just been the craziest, as a parent you look forward to it however you hate it because you know they are growing up, soon it will be those college  years and you’re waving goodbye to the little boy that would cuddle you for hours on end, when your little princess wasn’t afraid to tell you that she loves you and misses you, because she’s now eighteen with the mindset that you are in fact the devil reincarnated. On the other hand, you cannot wait to get that little bit of freedom, space, allowing your hair to grow back after pulling it out in frustration over the years.

I’ve come to understand that no child is perfect nor are they the same, although I have noticed that those that are really well behaved as babies/toddlers are just the worst come teenage life, and those that are the worst at babies/toddlers are pretty level headed when it’s time to take on responsibility.

I’ve been a parent now for four years, which means my eldest is now officially the legal age to start Reception Year at Primary/Infants school, depending where in the UK you live, (for those in america, Reception year is basically Kindergarten but they start at four not five) and my youngest now qualifies for his two year funding. (Even though I have a fiance, he doesn’t live in the UK with me, so it’s still classed as single parenting/single and due to not working for mental health reasons as well as trying to find a job that will accommodate two days a week between 10-2 is hard.) Trying to find things to fill my day is hard. I’ve never realised just how long a 10-2 hour day could be! However, I am fully caught up on the Walking Dead, and every show imaginable right now! I’ve invested in a PS4 and currently grinding at NBA 2k17, I’ve taken a break from blogging however I think I’m ready to sink my teeth back into it once and for all.

I’m still not ready to come home one day to be told that so and so has asked my daughter to the school prom, in her final year at school. I am not ready for the moment my son wants to find a new home without me. I can have more babies until then right??