Sometimes the best things in life come with alot of distance, patience and waiting. They are moments we created or stumble across ourselves. Moments that could be anything, the birth of your child, your wedding day, meeting the love of your life, graduation, buying your first home or even a work promotion. These moments never define who we are, however they give us this opportunity to expand, to make our dreams turn into a reality.

Two of my dreams came alive in the last ten days, seeing my wonderful Fiance in the flesh and the one and only Justin Bieber during his Purporse World Tour concert in London at the weekend. For those that know me, know how huge Justin Bieber is to me. I’m not afraid to say I am a twenty six year old female with the biggest admiration for one of the most marmite style artists that our generation has experienced. A few years ago it was more of an embarrasment to tell people that you were a fan, better yet, a member of the fan club, with a secret twitter account that no one knew who you were, because it wasn’t cool to be his fan. I’m not going to sit here and justify his every action, but you need to remember this guy grow up in the public eye, yes his job means that he will forever be in the public eye, but he’s still a human with emotions and views on how he wants to live his own life. People expect so much from someone who is young, vulnerable to any misconception, I’m not going to Chris Crocker this however I do believe people need to understand he is human. Start treating him with the respect and he may just give you the world. A lot of artists cannot be dealing with screaming in your face type of fans, the follow me or I’ll kill myself fans, the take a photo with me otherwise I’ll bash you on the internet fans, this isn’t how to support someone. Just because they put out an album doesn’t give you the right to act like you know their entire life, or even think that you are owed everything and anything from that person although, what do you expect when we live in a world where people forever take things for granted and believe the world owes us everything, when really we’ve done nothing but moan, complain, take for granted everything that is put in front of us. When was the last time you ever spent time not being on your phone? Not checking facebook every five minutes and lived a little with friends or family?

I tried to do just that the last ten days. I’ve had my fiance with me and all I wanted to do was enjoy our time together, take the odd few photos with each other, however I really just wanted to soak in his presence. We spent a considerable amount of time by ourselves this trip, being that Addison and Marcello both attend nursery/school now, so we had days completely to ourselves or with just one child although at the weekend, we spent three days it solely being us. In true Rio fashion I managed to find that one guy who embraced my love for Justin Bieber, who would learn the words to the songs I was playing and happily sing along if and when he felt like it, who offered to come to the concert with me, despite it being in a completely different country and offer that when I move to the USA if there is any concerts close by that he would go with me, even if it meant VIP. I grabbed my coat, because I pulled and this one was a keeper! Even though, Matt did get poorly whilst touring it up in London, We literally visited the sealife centre, Buckingham palace, Westminster abbey and the big Ben! Whilst also hitting up the famous Oxford Street! Getting ready to travel to the o2 where thankfully, we had the priority lounge (for o2 customers only) then swiftly making our way into the areana, finding our seats which ended up being a pretty damn good view of things, so not only was this my FIRST every Justin Bieber concert (I’ve waited a long long time for this) It was in London, with my best friend, soulmate, my fiance, and we had some pretty decent seats! (you can find all of that on my facebook if you like, quite a few videos of the wonder himself.) It was incredible, there were moments where I nearly teared up, purely because I was finally at JB and that he played I’ll Show You and The Feeling.. Which is my favourite song of the album and Matt and I’s song off the album too! After watching a very wet performance of “Sorry” Matt and I made our way back to Farnborough where we were staying, to sleep and then catch up with some family and friends the next day before heading home on the monday!

I am so thankful that Matt and I managed to get time to ourselves due to the fact it’s opened my eyes on the type of person he is. The way he’d hold my hand when walking down the road, but also making sure that it was him walking road side. Didn’t matter how often I tried to swap places, he’d forever put himself in between the road and I. The thought of him protecting me really made my heart melt. I quickly noticed that this man was more than my best friend. I knew there and then that this was life and this is how it was going to be. It didn’t even stop there, we ended up chilling when the children were at school, watching him play on my 2K game whilst I gave him a shoulder/neck massages, played pokemon sorry, went shopping were we had no shame in buying Christmas Jumpes, yes, christmas jumpers in october, neither one of us embarrassed by this, brought the children a few christmas things too, as well as watching christmas movies in our christmas jumpers and/or christmas pjs, whilst also making it out to play basketball with the children after school.

That’s when one of those moments kick in, the ones where you feel like a dream is becoming a reality, where you are caught staring at the man you are falling in love with over and over and over and over again. Where you watch the family that you created and watching them grow together as one, without any awkwardness, just love. You know what you’re doing is what you’ve been destined for, that all this temporary pain will soon vanish once the goal that you’re aiming for is within reach.

Letting him go is the hardest part of any trip. To know that our time together is numbered, that soon when he leaves I’ll be back to counting down the months, weeks,  days, minutes, hours even the seconds until I get to see his face all over again. Feel his body heat when he pulls me close to cuddle, or when he wants to play on the PlayStation he’ll nestle his back against my body and play whilst I Rub his neck and shoulders to relax him. The little things I guess, that I can’t do when he’s in America however I get to do them when he’s here and I hold on to that. Now it’s back to falling asleep on FaceTime, juggling time zones, having to say goodbye/goodnight at funny times of the day, blowing kisses whilst waving, watching the children get excited when daddy is on FaceTime. I do think when we eventually move to the states that a part of me will miss this stage of our relationship, we’ve been at it for nearly a year  now, trying to pull through every bump in the road. We will get there. I’m sure of it, heck, I pray for it every single passing day.