Matthew and I have hit ourselves with a raw deal. We’re currently in the middle of our residency process (the children and I) however the information we were told about fees, ended up doubling and if we don’t get the money together in time for Monday 19th June 2017, the children and I have to leave the USA and go back to the UK on the 25th June 2017 and we aren’t even sure when we will next be together, due to the fact he unfortunately lost his job on the night of our wedding! We managed to save $2725 because that’s what we were originally told the fees would be! Now its $4330 and this is just PAPERWORK! This is just to send documents off for a 50/50 decision on whether or not they will let me reside in the USA with my husband. The reason for this sparse blog post? Is hoping maybe someone out there would find it in their hearts to share it, and maybe even donate to our fund! I have never created something like this and my wonderful friend set this up! You can find all the information below!