It Feels So Good To Be Back

I am one of those people who completely prefers a fully working computer or laptop to type or just do general browsing. I think it could be a childhood thing, growing up my Nan taught me to touch type, she always said “If you can type, you can have any job in the world. If you have basic knowledge of Office, you will never be stuck for job options.” Continue reading “It Feels So Good To Be Back”


Wish You Were Someone Else

Confession time, I’m struggling. I’m not a super human that I always dreamed I could be for my children, my family. I’m not always positive like I feel I should be. Continue reading


I’m just going to take time out of my day to show a little appreciation. I feel like sometimes, as the human race we are, we don’t show it enough. Every day that we live isn’t promised to us. Continue reading

I Choose You!

This is the moment every gamer out there, every adult with an inner child, every child, every childhood memory we’ve ever had, has been given a huge blessing. Continue reading

Achy Breaky Heart

This morning I woke up to something I had been dreading. After tossing and turning throughout most of the night, not being able to sleep because of the nightmares that you keep having. Feeling so restless because the next time you lay in the bed you’re in, you will be alone. Continue reading

I’m Not Ready To Say Goodbye

I can feel it happening, my heart tearing in two with every thought that today is the last day we spend as a whole, before this perfect little family we have built comes crumbling back down to being incomplete. Continue reading

Sun Kissed Skin

I used to watch love actually on a regular basis. There was always something about the opening title scenes that used to amaze me – and always got me crying every single time I watched it! I couldn’t help but think there is so much love in the world, healthy love. Continue reading

All Aboard

Just a quick post! Here is me! Getting all set and ready to go to go and meet my wonderful fiance at the airport! I love you all and thank you for all your kinds words 💋

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Do you ever get excited about an event that happens and you physically can’t sleep, or eat and everytime you think about it your world becomes a fuzzy ball of excitement? Continue reading

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